Objective 5

Primary Constituents
Students, Faculty and Academic Programs
Primary DE&I Goal
Promoting an Equitable and Inclusive Community
Other Applicable Domains
Diversity, Education and Scholarship, Retention

Five-Year Strategic Objective 5

Enhance supports for Rackham Faculty Allies for Diversity to better enable their roles as leaders and change agents in graduate education; Improve these faculty’s and their programs’ capacities around addressing DE&I issues related to creating an equitable and inclusive climate for graduate students (as well as recruitment and retention)

Measures of Success for Objective 5

  • Increase in number of Faculty Allies and programs with Faculty Allies
  • Increase in Faculty Ally participation in Allies community and DE&I-related activities (e.g., Allies community meetings, workshops, educational events)
  • Faculty Ally participation in Rackham Program Review meetings
  • Increased clarity of Faculty Allies and program leadership around the Ally role; increased participation of Allies in DE&I efforts in their program communities
  • Increased student awareness of Faculty Allies’ roles and supports

FY17 Actions

  • Highest priority actions include:
  • Targeted outreach to departments/units that do not have a Faculty Ally
  • Continue discussions with current Faculty Allies (program leadership, Faculty Allies, other faculty) around their interests and needs related to their Ally roles
  • Continue working on development of approaches for enhancing the visibility and relevance of Faculty Allies roles (e.g., policies, orientation practices, Faculty Ally Award)
  • Identify a set of “expert” Faculty Allies who could serve as peer mentors to other Faculty Allies
  • Other actions to consider include:
  • Create opportunities for the Faculty Allies to interact with and/or mentor RMF students, other graduate students, or graduate student programs/organizations
  • Identify a selection of existing educational offerings (available through Rackham or broader campus) that we would encourage all Allies to make use of (e.g., MORE workshops, admissions and recruitment workshops, workshops on enhancing diversity and inclusion in the classroom, workshops on enhancing intercultural competence)