Objective 6

Primary Constituents
Rackham Staff
Primary DE&I Goal
Promoting an Equitable and Inclusive Community
Other Applicable Domains
High Quality Academic & Professional Environment (Development Opportunities); Retention

Five-Year Strategic Objective 6

Develop systematic ways to learn about and enhance Rackham staff climate (feelings of inclusion, voice, and equitable opportunity for development and thriving)

Measures of Success for Objective 6

  • Development of staff climate assessment approach
  • Positive reports on staff climate assessment
  • Established staff committees and other input structures for staff around DE&I issues
  • Staff participation in Rackham committees, including a broad range of staff participants represented across Rackham units

FY17 Actions

  • Highest priority actions include:
  • Continue to gather and share with staff informal information about staff perspectives around DE&I strengths and challenges
  • Solicit more input from staff around ideas for enhancing DE&I in Rackham (especially around climate and community)
  • Develop and start to implement climate assessment approach for staff (e.g., surveys, focus groups, and/or interviews through ADVANCE, external organizational analysis); include staff input on process
  • Create regular/institutionalized committee structure focused on staff community and climate
  • Continue regular DE&I updates and discussion in Rackham Staff Forum
  • Other possible actions include:
  • Consider the merits of developing a “Staff Ally for Diversity” role to help support DE&I training/resources for Rackham staff
  • Provide separate Rackham-wide meetings for staff to openly discuss climate issues