The Recruitment domain is centered on the questions of who is and who is not in our schools/colleges, and units, which is a key Rackham priority and focus area as we collaborate and partner with colleges/units and graduate programs on campus. In our plan, we primarily explore these issues as they relate to students in our graduate programs, as well as the staff within Rackham. For our graduate programs, recruitment efforts include policies, resources, and other efforts to encourage use of effective practices around the identification, selection, and yield of strong, diverse students, including enhancing knowledge and use of effective practices related to the recruitment and admissions process. Within our Rackham organization, recruitment refers to transparent and equitable policies, practices, and norms related to selection and hiring of a strong, skilled, and diverse staff.

Questions we considered in this domain include: Are graduate programs making every effort to ensure excellence and diversity in their graduate student populations? Is access/admissions to graduate programs in our schools/colleges and units equitable? Within our Rackham Graduate School organization, how are staff members recruited for position roles? Are there equitable opportunities for access and consideration for staff positions?