Objective 3

Primary Constituents
Primary DE&I Goal
Other Applicable Domains
High Quality Academic & Professional Environment (Education & Scholarship; Development Opportunities; Promoting an Equitable and Inclusive Community)

Five-Year Strategic Objective 3

Continue to offer, work on, and expand (as appropriate) pre-graduate “pipeline” programs for identifying and recruiting diverse graduate students (with regard to those meeting RMF-eligibility criteria, along with historically underrepresented minorities and women in historically underrepresented fields):

  • Summer Opportunities Research Program (SROP): all disciplines
  • Michigan Humanities Emerging Research Scholars Program (MICHHERS): Humanities & Arts
  • Post-baccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP): Biomedical Sciences

Measures of Success for Objective 3

  • Participation in SROP; Diversity of SROP participants
  • Participation in MICHHERS; Diversity of MICHHERS participants;
  • Participation in PREP; Diversity of PREP participants;
  • Successful recruitment of SROP, MICHHERS, and PREP participants to U-M graduate programs

FY17 Actions

  • Continue to evaluate and use information to improve on SROP program model; consider expanding model to departments/programs that show promise and capacity for effective recruitment
  • Continue to evaluate and use information to improve on MICHHERS program models
  • Continue to identify U-M graduate programs to participate in MICHHERS (those with promise and capacity for effective recruitment)
  • Decide on best ways to partner with PIBS/Medical School on its PREP program (including funding supports) to support recruitment of participants to U-M