Objective 5

Primary Constituents
Primary DE&I Goal
Other Applicable Domains
High Quality Academic & Professional Environment (Inclusive Climate)

Five-Year Strategic Objective 5

Develop a model/structure for partnerships with identified Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) that can support diversity recruitment to U-M graduate programs. Note: our view of “MSI” includes both institutions that have designated MSI status based on student demographics, as well as other institutions that have critical masses of well-prepared undergraduates from diverse backgrounds; any programs with MSIs would be open to students of any background.

Measures of Success for Objective 5

  • Increased institutional knowledge (of U-M faculty, staff, and programs involved in partnership) of effective practices for developing and maintaining strong, ethical, and mutually beneficial partnerships with MSIs
  • Increases in students from MSI partner programs applying to U-M graduate programs
  • Increases in students from MSI partner programs admitted to U-M graduate programs
  • Participation of U-M graduate students in visits/activities and internship or employment opportunities at MSI partner sites
  • Creation of a developed list of alumni at MSI partner sites

FY17 Actions

  • Create working group to explore feasibility and work on first steps of MSI Partnership action plan (goals, proposed infrastructure, including incentives for participation)
  • Identification of departments/graduate programs interested in participating in an MSI partnership program
  • Identification and selection of initial MSI partners; focus on effective identification of MSI partners with strong undergraduate programs (i.e., those with programs that would prepare them for entry into U-M graduate programs and that have a track record of placing students in U-M programs) and that agree to partner with U-M
  • Identify alumni connected to MSI partner programs
  • Develop an alumni network across MSIs to advise Rackham, provide internships, and serve as mentors for Rackham students