Objective 6

Primary Constituents
Rackham Staff
Primary DE&I Goal
Other Applicable Domains
High Quality Academic & Professional Environment (Inclusive Climate), Retention

Five-Year Strategic Objective 6

Ensure clarity and transparency around Rackham staff hiring processes (including lateral moves and promotions within Rackham), including ways DE&I are taken up in processes; (e.g., specific efforts that are taken to encourage diverse applicants; ways that commitment to diversity is considered as part of all Rackham staff positions); Examine and improve processes as needed

Measures of Success for Objective 6

  • Diversity and make-up of Rackham staff across Rackham units
  • Staff reports of clarity and satisfaction with recruitment, selection, and hiring processes

FY17 Actions

  • Bring together historical and contemporary data on diversity and make-up of Rackham staff
  • Assess strengths and challenges/needs in current HR approaches, policies, and procedures related to staff recruitment and hiring