Objective 1

Primary Constituents
Primary DE&I Goal
Promoting equitable and inclusive community
Other Applicable Domains

Five-Year Strategic Objective 1

Continue gathering input on awareness and effectiveness of Rackham policies, programs, and resources designed to eliminate barriers to progress and completion, including those that may be disproportionately experienced by historically underrepresented and/or marginalized groups; include perspectives of students, staff, and faculty, e.g.,

  • Rackham Merit Fellowship (outcomes for RMF students; RMF programming)
  • Policy related to employment/funding and community resources for Undocumented and DACAmented students
  • Parental Accommodation Policy
  • Disability Accommodation Policies
  • Rackham embedded CAPS counselor
  • Rackham Emergency Funding
  • Rackham Ombuds, Conflict/Dispute Resolution Officer (available to students, faculty, and program leadership/administration)

Measures of Success for Objective 1

  • Number and nature of complaints related to challenges in support for students around policy foci
  • Traffic and usage of web resources using Google analytics
  • Level of program/faculty/staff awareness and understanding of policies
  • Student-use of embedded CAPS counselor; student reports on usefulness of embedded CAPS counselor
  • Student-use of Rackham Ombuds, Conflict/Dispute Resolution Officer; student reports on usefulness of Rackham Ombuds, Conflict/Dispute Resolution Officer

FY17 Actions

  • Highest priority areas include:
  • Increase active outreach and education around policies and resources (in faculty and staff forum/meetings, student orientations)
  • Improve organization of resources mentioned above and plan to track and assess web analytics
  • Identify approaches for gathering student (and program) input on understanding and perceived usefulness of policies and programming
  • Also consider ways to:
  • Create opportunities for undocumented graduate students (without DACA) to be funded to enable similar progress in their graduate studies as other students with access to funding