Objective 3

Primary Constituents
Primary DE&I Goal
Promoting equitable and inclusive community
Other Applicable Domains

Five-Year Strategic Objective 3

Continue policies and practices with academic programs that encourage and lead to enhanced student completion

Measures of Success for Objective 3

  • Increased student completion outcomes across Rackham divisions, schools/colleges/units, and academic programs; including elimination of completion differences across demographic subgroups (race/ethnicity, gender, citizenship, first generation college students)
  • Minimal student attrition at advanced stages in graduate program, relative to numbers discontinuing at earlier stages

FY17 Actions

  • Continue plan to provide academic units and programs with student data on a regular basis (annually during block grant award, in program review year), disaggregated by a variety of demographic identity groups (race/ethnicity, domestic men and women, international men and women, first generation students, student-reported Pell-grant recipients)
  • Continue emphasis on high student completion across demographic groups within the Rackham Program Review process; including discussions and idea sharing with programs around “best practices” for promoting completion
  • Continue emphasis to programs leadership/faculty of new Rackham policy approach in which Rackham funding to programs (block grant, Rackham Merit Fellowships, other awards and resources) is more explicitly linked to diversity outcomes (e.g., efforts to minimize “achievement gaps” or completion rates across demographic subgroups)