Objective 4

Primary Constituents
Rackham Staff
Primary DE&I Goal
Promoting equitable and inclusive community
Other Applicable Domains

Five-Year Strategic Objective 4

Learn about and (as appropriate) address the causes of Rackham staff attrition/turnover; use information to engage staff community and improve policies and practices related to enhancing retention

Measures of Success for Objective 4

  • Low/decreased staff attrition due to experiences of negative work context/climate

FY17 Actions

  • Work with Rackham DE&I Committee (RAC DAC) to:
  • Develop and implement steps to learn about the reasons for staff attrition (e.g., internal Rackham concern/climate; promotional opportunity)
  • Determine how negative climate experiences of staff lead to turnover/attrition
  • Gather input from Rackham staff community (e.g., using staff committee structures) around best ways to learn about and address staff retention
  • Enhance mechanisms for performance feedback and skill development
  • Increase opportunities for advancement within Rackham
    • Assess the current climate of Rackham staff
    • Examine current conflict resolution procedures and practices; identify explicit ways to ensure DE&I issues are adequately integrated