Service, Partnership, and Collaboration

A significant component of Rackham’s role in enhancing graduate education involves partnerships with and service to the U-M community (schools/colleges/units, graduate programs, staff, students, faculty). As such, the Service, Partnership, and Collaboration domain for us involves exploring whether diversity, equity and inclusion issues are seamless and fundamental underpinnings of our policies, offerings and resources, and overall service delivery models as a graduate school. We are mindful to examine whether our service is equitable, tailored to the unique needs of the populations we serve, and inclusive. Questions we considered include: Are we serving and communicating effectively with a broad and diverse range of students? Are our offerings and communications appropriately tailored to the needs of specific groups (disciplines, programs, students, faculty, staff)? Are our services and offerings impacting our populations of focus in ways that are aligned with the goals of those services and offerings? Are there gaps in our offerings, our service delivery scope, and our communications around these areas? How can we better align our services, offerings, and communications to fit the needs of a diverse campus community? Are there any aspects of our service offerings that are more difficult to access for various sub-groups of our communities? Are there gaps in our capacities to provide effective services and offerings and to engage in effective partnerships with our communities of interest? Are there gaps in our current ability to assess and evaluate the impacts of our services and offerings, as well as the effectiveness of our partnerships and collaborations?