Objective 1

Primary Constituents
Primary DE&I Goal
Promoting an Equitable and Inclusive Community
Other Applicable Domains
High Quality Academic Environment (Education and Scholarship, Development)

Five-Year Strategic Objective 1

Develop, improve, and implement assessments/evaluations across programmatic activities for students

Measures of Success for Objective 1

  • Establishment of approach and protocol for use in proposing/approving new programs and initiatives (focused on identifying specific goals and objectives of proposed activity, how elements of proposed program will address stated goals/objectives, and plan for assessing whether objectives/goals met)
  • Positive assessment outcomes for programmatic activities, as reported by students

FY17 Actions

  • Document the programs with established assessment plans and metrics of success; compare to those without such plans and metrics
  • Use assessment information to consider program effectiveness and program priorities (e.g., how to improve programs, whether to expand, or whether to discontinue)
  • Work on developing policies and practices for assessment of program activities, including procedures for proposing/approving new programmatic activities