Objective 10

Primary DE&I Goal
Other Applicable Domains
High Quality Academic and Professional Environment (Education and Scholarship); Promoting equitable and inclusive community

Michigan Quarterly Review

The Michigan Quarterly Review (MQR) is an eclectic interdisciplinary journal of arts and culture that seeks to combine the best of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction with outstanding critical essays on literary, cultural, social, and political matters. The flagship journal of the University of Michigan, MQR draws on lively minds here and elsewhere, seeking to present accessible work of all varieties for sophisticated readers from within and without the academy.

Five-Year Strategic Objective 10

  • Explicit integration of DE&I into MQR mission statement
  • Documented process for explicitly integrating DE&I principles into MQR practices related to personnel (e.g., diversity of student interns) and scholarship (e.g., how MQR works to achieve diversity and inclusion in authors selection, evaluation of scholarship)

Measures of Success for Objective 10

  • DE&I program mission statement
  • Documented process for integrating DE&I into recruitment, evaluation, and selection of Fellows
  • Diversity in personnel (e.g., race/ethnicity, gender, and other demographic/identity backgrounds of student interns)
  • Diversity in scholars/authors selected
  • Diversity in scholarship represented in MQR

FY17 Actions:

  • Continue practice of recruiting personnel (e.g., student interns) from programs that have significant student diversity; develop a plan to document and institutionalize this approach
  • Document/describe diversity characteristics of authors and scholars (with regard to demographic background, career stage/rank, among other areas of diversity)
  • Work with Rackham leadership and staff as needed to document (and further develop) strategies for engaging DE&I principles in MQR recruitment, evaluation, and selection processes; draw on resources and principles of ADVANCE program, as appropriate