Objective 3

Primary Constituents
Academic Programs, Students, Faculty, and Staff in Academic Programs
Primary DE&I Goal
Promoting an Equitable and Inclusive Community
Other Applicable Domains
High Quality Academic Environment (Education and Scholarship, Development)

Five-Year Strategic Objective 3

Enhance our communications and information sharing with academic programs around Rackham’s investment in DE&I

Measures of Success for Objective 3

  • Reports of awareness of DE&I issues and Rackham resources related to DE&I
  • Analytics through MailChimp and Google analytics to see open rates on e-mails and traffic to Rackham’s Diversity site/resources

FY17 Actions

  • Highest priority actions include:
  • Work on ways to further develop the “Diversity” section of the Rackham website; include tips, training, literature, promising practices and resources on and off campus
  • Share more data related to DE&I on our website so graduate programs can more easily access needed information
  • Include updates on Rackham’s DEI efforts in monthly communications with graduate chairs and directors and graduate coordinators and in each semester update to all faculty
  • Continue to update students on our DEI efforts in e-mail newsletters or special messages from Dean Fierke
  • Other actions to consider include:
  • Develop content strategy to acknowledge and celebrate our diversity (e.g., high numbers of first-gens, improvements in student diversity) via our website, social media, and external media opportunities.
  • Reformat web resources related to DE&I (e.g., mentoring, community building) and develop a plan to distribute them to our various constituencies; consider whether/how to share in orientations/trainings, other meetings of faculty, students, and staff
  • Explore more ways to use communications to help students connect with one another (e.g., ways to connect new first-generation students to share resources, among those who express desire to do so)