Objective 5

Primary Constituents
Rackham Staff
Primary DE&I Goal
Promoting an Equitable and Inclusive Community
Other Applicable Domains
High Quality Academic Environment (Education and Scholarship, Development)

Five-Year Strategic Objective 5

Improve Rackham communications and collaborations practices relevant to enhancing the delivery and implementation of services, programming, policy, and resources in support of our mission to enhance graduate education

Measures of Success for Objective 5

  • Staff reports on climate assessment (related to perceptions of effective communications and collaborations)
  • Number and quality of use of collaborative technology tools (e.g., streamlined use of Box, forms, information management systems, etc.)
  • Training received/attended by staff about these tools and topics related to collaborative working
  • Increase the number of collaborative projects across Rackham offices
  • ADA compliance in all areas of Rackham work environment (physical, digital)

FY17 Actions

  • Continue exploring and implementing different organizational model (e.g., reporting lines) and the roles of the dean, associate deans, assistant deans
  • Explore various ways staff and unit roles and work can be organized to enable communication and collaborations that increase efficiency and effectiveness in meeting our mission and goals for graduate education; use input of Rackham staff in this exploration (e.g., potential of new staff position focused on DE&I to support oversight of on-going efforts; best use of various staff meetings; joint staff meetings; change the focus of meetings from “reporting out” to “developing projects”; create policies and practices around data sharing and dissemination; among other areas identified from staff input)
  • Develop a plan for implementing the most promising ideas and approaches
  • Develop plan for staff training and making progress in improvements to our website, web applications, and web resources towards ADA compliance