Objective 6

Primary Constituents
Primary DE&I Goal
Promoting an Equitable and Inclusive Community
Other Applicable Domains

Five-Year Strategic Objective 6

Increase engagement with Rackham alumni around DE&I issues

Measures of Success for Objective 6

  • List of alumni to target for feedback on Rackham DE&I planning efforts
  • Inclusion of alumni feedback in DE&I planning efforts
  • Alumni reports of positive views of DE&I progress
  • Alumni interest in participating in DE&I efforts (in providing time, funding, or other resources)

FY17 Actions

  • Explore best ways to communicate to alumni Rackham’s DE&I priorities
  • Explore best process or format to structure a two-way dialogue with alumni regarding DE&I issues and plans
  • Begin to implement early communication about the status and plans for Rackham’s DE&I priorities
  • Explore best ways to learn about and draw on the spectrum of diverse alumni, including those from historically underrepresented minority alumni and other minority backgrounds, that could be valuable in shaping direction of DE&I plans (inclusion in relevant committees or subcommittees, survey or other data gathering approach)