Objective 7

Primary Constituents
Alumni Donors and other Donors
Primary DE&I Goal
Other Applicable Domains
High Quality Academic and Professional Environment (Education and Scholarship); Promoting equitable and inclusive community

Five-Year Strategic Objective 7

Establish DE&I priorities within Rackham’s Development and Fundraising, Alumni Communication, and Fundraising Efforts

Measures of Success for Objective 7

  • Increase in diversity of demographic profiles of alumni donors, as well as other donors and prospective donors
  • Compelling messages of DE&I initiatives are shared with alumni and donors
  • DE&I topics/areas are a common or central theme in gift conversations and solicitation appeals
  • Fundraising initiatives implemented for DE&I-focused programs, initiatives, fellowships (including RMF program)

FY17 Actions

  • Examine make-up/backgrounds of current Rackham donors
  • Continue new promising practices to reach diverse alumni (such as new outreach efforts to Rackham Merit Fellow alumni)
  • Explore new ideas for increasing diversity in Rackham donors (e.g., selected outreach to groups of alumni such as former multicultural organization members; identifying specific DE&I themes in research, scholarship, and professional development that may be attractive to a broad range of donors, among other potential ideas)
  • Establish outreach plans to RMF alumni, SCOR alumni and other potential fellowship programs to develop alumni conversations related to Rackham’s DE&I priorities.
  • Explore best ways to communicate with donors and prospective donors around Rackham’s DE&I priorities
  • Share stories with alumni of DE&I issues, priorities, and successes at Rackham