Objective 8

Primary DE&I Goal
Other Applicable Domains
High Quality Academic and Professional Environment (Education and Scholarship); Promoting equitable and inclusive community

Michigan Society of Fellows

The Michigan Society of Fellows, under the auspices of the Rackham Graduate School, was established in 1970 with endowment grants from the Ford Foundation and the Horace H. and Mary Rackham Funds. Each year the Society selects outstanding applicants for appointment to three-year fellowships in the social, physical, and life sciences, and in the professional schools. In 2007 the Mellon Foundation awarded a grant to add Mellon Fellows in the humanities and arts. The newly appointed Postdoctoral Fellows join a unique interdisciplinary community composed of their peers as well as the Senior Fellows of the Society, who include many of the University’s leading scholars. Alumni Fellows of the Society have gone on to become distinguished scholars at U-M and other institutions around the world.

Five-Year Strategic Objective 8

  • Increased diversity in Society of Fellows at U-M
  • Documented and institutionalized process for integrating consideration of commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion into recruitment, evaluation, and selection of Fellows

Measures of Success for Objective 8

  • Explicit integration of DE&I into program mission statement
  • Increased diversity in Society of Fellows in application pool
  • Increased diversity in Fellows awarded and that accept positions at U-M (including scholars from underrepresented racial/ethnic backgrounds, women underrepresented in science)

FY17 Actions

  • Continue new practice of gathering demographic information about program applicants; develop and implement practices to track over time
  • Work with Rackham leadership and staff to document (and further develop) strategies for engaging DE&I principles in recruitment, evaluation, and selection processes; draw on resources and principles of ADVANCE program