Objective 9

Primary DE&I Goal
Promoting equitable and inclusive community
Other Applicable Domains
Diversity; High Quality Academic and Professional Environment (Development Opportunities); Retention

Mary A. Rackham Institute

A primary mission of the Mary A. Rackham Institute (MARI) is to serve the University of Michigan and surrounding region with evaluation and intervention programs of the highest quality to assist individuals, couples and families with mental health/behavioral health concerns and with difficulties related to language, literacy, and communication. A second primary mission is to provide excellent educational opportunities and training programs for graduate and postgraduate students in these areas, including training in the delivery of clinical services and in the integration of science and practice. The MARI also strives to provide community education and outreach services in these areas.

MARI is comprised of three units:

Five-Year Strategic Objective 9

  • Explicit integration of DE&I into MARI mission statement
  • Documented and institutionalized processes for explicitly integrating DE&I principles into MARI practices related to personnel (e.g., staff and students) and to clients

Measures of Success for Objective 9

  • Diversity in MARI staff demographic background
  • Diversity in demographic background of clients served
  • All staff have training/capacity to engage with and serve diverse constituencies effectively

FY17 Actions

  • Document/describe diversity characteristics of personnel and clients (with regard to demographic background, among other areas of diversity relevant to MARI mission)
  • Document (and further develop as needed) strategies for engaging DE&I principles in MARI personnel selection and development; outreach to communities/clients; draw on resources and principles of ADVANCE program, as appropriate